Ian Killen’s practice has been variously described as Kitchen Sink Conceptualism, Bathtub Minimalism and Fluxus Cartography – each referencing the sense of grubby utopia that informs his work.

The term ‘art’ for Killen is less about the creation of beautiful things and closer to its use as cunning. He’s the northern Dodger pocketing your Stanley knife and the paint from your front door.

Brazenly eclectic, his work responds to his immediate world in an almost philanthropic manner, seeking to both preserve and celebrate the incidental.

Ian has work in various museum & gallery collections, for example collaborative project he undertook with residents of Freetown during a BBC sponsored residency in Sierra Leone is on permanent display at Wilberforce House Museum, Hull.

Ian has exhibited nationally, most recently as part of “Insider Art” – a touring exhibition of assemblage art curated and toured by Oriel Davies Gallery.

A key feature of Ian’s practice is the series presentations he has delivered over the past 15 years at colleges, art galleries and theatres. Informative, humorous, insightful and on occasion moving, they have become an integral part of Ian’s artistic practice.